Prevent. Control. Eradicate.

Safeguarding aquaculture through autogenous vaccines and animal health monitoring.

Our unique and tested approach hinges on our commitment to close partnership with small and large aquaculture operators. These partnerships have enabled UVAXX to develop and implement real-world fish health management strategies and tools that work. Strategies and tools that ultimately improve yields through lower mortality, as well as safeguard commercial returns for aquaculture operators.

Our Services

UVAXX is a leader in autogenous vaccines in aquaculture and animal health. We firmly believe in a holistic and preventative approach to animal health and welfare. Implemented together with strict biosecurity regimes and best practices in animal husbandry, autogenous vaccines help to reduce the amount of antibiotics used, resulting in safer and better products for your customers


Tailored Vaccines

Autogenous Vaccines are custom-made vaccines that allow precise targeting of specific micro-organisms and pathogens specific to the fish and to the aquaculture farm or site


Pre-emptive Defence

Autogenous Vaccines are an effective and important pre- emptive defence for your farm when commercial vaccines are not yet available


Improve Resilience

Autogenous Vaccines protect fish against pathogens and diseases present on site, providing an added layer of protection against mortality and reducing the need for antibiotics

Our People

Passionate about improving animal health in aquaculture and advancing food safety through ethical and innovative science.

Markus Schrittwieser
Markus Schrittwieser

General Manager

With over 10 years in the veterinary and aquaculture industry across Europe and Asia, Markus brings wide experience in finfish health and customer relations. His skills in vaccine development and disease management add a strong dimension to UVAXX. Markus has a M.Sc from the University of Stirling, UK and has published with Marine Scotland Science.

Sunita Awate

Head R&D

Sunita heads the R&D team at UVAXX, backed by her strong expertise in immunology, vaccinology and molecular biology. Sunita graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and holds a PhD in Vaccinology and Immunology from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada and worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at SICS, A*STAR before joining the team. She has published many research and review articles in various scientific journals.

What We Do

Diagnosis & Sampling At Farm Site

Isolation of Pathogens

Identification and Election of Strain

Vaccine Formulation


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