Diagnostic Services

UVAXX offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services including microbiology, virology, serology, antibiotic sensitivity testing, basic necropsy and veterinary diagnostics.

For more details, please contact our lab.

Email: enquiry@uvaxx.com

Phone: +65 6970 7274

Sample submission at UVAXX

203 Henderson Road, # 12-01, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159546

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Please make sure samples arrive at UVAXX no later than 1pm.
Samples received after 1pm will be processed the next working day.
Please contact UVAXX at least 1 -2 days prior to sample submission.*

*Our experts at UVAXX can give advice on basic diagnostics, sample-taking and sample submission. Disease in aquatic animals is often multifactorial, so a site visit from one of our experts is a vital part of the overall diagnostic process.

Sampling on site

Sampling on-site and sample submission are important first steps to obtaining good, reliable diagnostic results.

Sampling on-site (for necropsy)

  1. Only sample from moribund animals
  2. Before culling, euthanise animals with AquiS, MS222 or similar
  3. Place culled specimens immediately on ice and keep cool
  4. Make sure specimens are not frozen

Please find our recommendations for sample submission below.


Whole fish (< 1kg** ) or tissue from euthanised animals showing signs of disease:

  • Sample from multiple animals (minimum of 3 to 5)
  • Sample multiple organs (skin and muscular layer, spleen, kidney, liver, brain, heart, intestine etc.)
  • Label samples accurately (specimen, date, farm etc.)
  • If samples are obtained from treated populations, please indicate treatment

** Fish exceeding 1kg must be collected by UVAXX staff on-site.

Sample storage, packaging (within Singapore)

For Necropsy (fish < 1kg):

  • Wrap each animal in aluminium foil and place into Ziplock bag
  • Label Ziplock bags
  • Smaller specimens (< 50g) can be pooled in one bag (maximum of 4-5 specimens per bag)
  • Bags should be stored on ice in a Styrofoam box (do NOT put ice into Ziplock bags)
  • Please ensure boxes are not leaking

For Molecular diagnostics:

  • Send pieces of tissue (0.5cm x 0.5cm) at 4-8°C in 95% Ethanol
  • Tissues should be fully submerged in Ethanol
  • Send specimens cooled on ice. If Ethanol is not available, tissues can be chilled immediately after dissection and sent to UVAXX on ice

For Histopathology:

  • Store pieces of tissue (0.5cm x 0.5cm) in 10% Natural Buffered Formalin (NBF) in Falcon tube(s) at room temperature
  • Ratio of tissue to 10% NBF should be 1:10
  • Place Falcon tube(s) into Ziplock bag
  • Fish < 3g can be fixed as a whole by making an incision at the ventral side to allow fixative to enter the abdominal cavity
  • Prevent squeezing of fish

For molecular analyses and histopathology, we recommend using PE Falcon tubes which can be obtained from us.

10% NBF can also be obtained from us, please let us know 2-3 working days prior to pick up.

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